i went fishing with my uncle almost every Saturday afternoon when i was about 10.

i was not a good fisherman at that time cause i didn't have enough patience to wait for the result!

Therefore, i got bored very quickly. When i got bored i would play with my uncle's fishing "toy".

That's right! the fishing lures were considered a toy by me.

A shinny small fish that i could hold in my hand...



高雄漢神巨蛋電子商圈/專題報導 2011/07/11

Western Europe’s Favorite OEM of Fishing Lure—the Fa-Yang Fishing Lures manufacturer

From a Small OEM to the Biggest One of Word of Mouth

Taiwan Fa-Yang Enterprise,Taiwan,fishing lures,fishing tackle,fishing equipment,fishing supplies In early time, Taiwan has long been thought as the pronoun of OEM since enterprises in Taiwan used to thrive with orders from foreign countries. However, this type of business model would have some problems and soon emerge within next few years. Simply put, the unstable order sources can not promise the profit of an OEM, and its plan of product marketing becomes unpredictable. However, Fa-Yang Fishing Lures manufacturer survives in such a harsh circumstance. Case in point, Fa-Yang Fishing Lures manufacturer always holds the lion share of the fishing lures manufacturing market. Most countries in Western Europe designate Fa-Yang to manufacturing fishing lures. Because Fa-Yang is sedulous about every detail during the manufacturing process, its fishing lures always look exquisite. Besides, the fair price of its fishing lures is another merit to capture the hearts of its clients.

ISO Accreditation Proves Fa-Yang ’s True Business Strength

Taiwan Fa-Yang Enterprise,Taiwan,fishing lures,fishing tackle,fishing equipment,fishing suppliesISO 9001 sets the standards for manufacturers in Taiwan. It intends to confirm the formation and accreditation for manufacturers. Further more, it elevates the quality-control system of a company. Most importantly, ISO 9001 is worldwide! Fa-Yang Fishing Lures manufacturer is gladly graced by this international accreditation system. The affirmation of ISO 9001 credits Fa-Yang Fishing Lures manufacturer with the ability to produce excellent fishing lures and other fishing equipments. To choose the best OEM of fishing lures in Taiwan, Fa-Yang Fishing Lures manufacturer never disappoint you!

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